I believe in the power of music to create — to touch, and to heal, and to transform. I’ve seen people with the most diverse backgrounds come together in one place and be touched by the hand of God through the inspiration — the genius — of Bach, or Brahms or Verdi or Mozart. That power to bring people together isn’t restricted to music, but music is my language.

— Dr. J. Reilly Lewis, Founder (1944 – 2016)


The Washington Bach Consort is a professional choral and orchestral ensemble based in Washington, DC that is committed to ensuring that current and future audiences experience the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries, by:

1) performing the music of Bach and his contemporaries to the highest artistic standards,

2) sharing the joy of Bach’s music by broadening audiences in the nation’s capital,

3) nurturing the appreciation of Bach’s music through education and community outreach activities, and

4) interpreting the music of Bach for audiences of today, thereby ensuring his legacy.


Washington Bach Consort ignites a passion for the music of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries, enriching every life touched by this music through its value and relevance.